Rem Organics is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Indian spices and various India origin agro foods. Cultivation of spices is an Indian specialty and we are pioneers in supplying whole, ground and organic spices such as Cumin, Large Cardamom (Black), Small Cardamom (green), Fennel, Corriander, Fenugreek and many more.

We also excel in procurement and supply of other Indian agro food products such as foxnut, cereals, grains, edible oils and dry fruits which adds to the flexibility of our wide range of offerings.

Our company’s management is led by a group of professionals having rich experience in various verticals of Agri-business. We ensure that we conduct all businesses with the highest standards of ethics, transparency and disclosure.

Quality Policy

At Rem Organics, quality is our first priority. We ensure that our high-quality raw materials are sourced directly from their native growing regions on our nation.

The weather conditions and soil quality make it a right fit for the spices to grow in their natives, imparting them the highest quality standard. The spices thus processed from such sources stand amongst the most premium quality throughout the world.

We source all agro products as per markets demand owing to our prevailing wide network at the grass root level. We make production practices economically and environmentally sustainable for the farmers.

Our Mission

Rem Organics was built with the ideology of filling the gap between small farmers of India and the buyers across the world who seek high quality products grown as per sustainable agricultural practices.

We focus on fulfilling the motive of “AatmaNirbhar Bharat” by joining hands with marginal farmers in form of contract farming. Thereby, helping our nation reach its full potential towards self-reliance.

We started our company with a goal to bring back the real and authentic taste of Indian spices and produce. With this aim and belief, we pay minute attention to every detail involved in this process, starting from the raw material to the end produce. With this dynamism, we try our best to provide people with products that can add ultimate taste to any recipe they lay their hands onto along with fulfilling our corporate social responsibility towards the society.

Our Vision

We envision to become one of the most trusted and reliable exporters of organic and sustainable agricultural products worldwide. Our goal is to become a profound name in sourcing and delivering high quality ‘Grow and Make in India’ agro products across the world. Our aim is to stay ahead of the competition through constant innovativeness, by recognizing customer needs and investing in the best possible infrastructure to support the same.

India was famously known as ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’ or the ‘Golden Bird’, with our cumulative efforts we hope to restore the tag and make our nation the ‘Golden Bird’ again.